Today I:


  • drove to the airport at 5:30 am
  • removed some unused software on my system
  • ran the boot repair for Windows when the PC complained about some of the changes I made
  • fixed a Gmail error by deleting a cookie
  • started working on migrating a new client over to our systems. Looking forward to working with them
  • accessed the Jetpack development site, read the docs, and installed the beta plugin on this blog
  • completed all tasks for today
  • upgraded 86 plugins and themes for customers
  • kept my 11-year-old busy
    • made lunch
    • fixed the computer he was trying to play on
    • drove him to his activities
  • researched and fixed my sticky mouse problem
    • learned something new about msconfig
  • took another advanced PPC course, just because
  • monitored FB and G+
  • answered email
  • wrote this blog

So why don’t I feel productive?

Now that I reread this I also notice that I’ve had a lot of PC problems today. Starting to thing about wiping the OS/software drive clean and re-installing. What do you think?

Photo credit: Daniela Vladimirova

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