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Lately, it seems that anybody who read an article about SEO, is an “expert.”

These so-called “experts” promise first page placement and tons of customers. One problem is that they can actually produce these results and quickly. The unwitting client is happy and goes on paying them. When Google closes that particular loophole(s) the client loses all rankings and has to start from scratch. In the process the “expert” created dozens, if not hundreds, of empty pages/posts that have no reason to exist except to boost rankings.

Imagine driving through your city/town and every billboard/sign has been handwritten/drawn by a 5-year-old that doesn’t even speak your language. Would any of that information be relevant to you? Would you be interested in the products (if you could figure out what they’re about)? Then why are we letting these companies litter our internet highway with all this junk? Why are we hiring these companies?

Further frustrating is that a lot of these “experts” have extremely low prices. Part of the reason is that they use offshore companies, and part of the problem is that “cheating” in SEO is a lot easier than actually doing the necessary work to earn your rankings.

Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Now compare this to any article on The Spectrum Group’s site and tell why these people get any business? 

How do we fight this?


Photo credit: Luke Addison

4 Replies to “Warning < rant >”

    1. I know, the longest I’ve written all on my own in a very long time.
      Unfortunately these companies do get business, some lots of it.

  1. Rant away, sir.
    Wonder where the guy who hired the “SEO expert” for JC Penney is currently working… Betcha he had to re-do his resume after tanking their online rankings and getting embarrassing headlines. Betcha he’s an evangelist about why hiring a “White Hat” SEO agency is so important.

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