Image galleries

I’ve decided to use native WordPress tools whenever possible for this site. So when I needed a gallery plugin for my photography I turned to Jetpack and the gallery functionality it adds to WP.

Next I’ll need to figure out how to either break the page into section/categories and/or how to add posts of a certain category to the page. This can be accomplished very easily with a theme like Genesis, but since I want to use Twenty Thirteen, it’s not as evident yet.

Image credit: Simple & Obvious

Upgrading 70 sites to WP 3.6

While this is a lot of work I expect all sites to upgrade without any issues. I will report later on the results.

It is now 3 hours later and all the sites have been upgraded and not one glitch. I took advantage of being in the systems to change all my passwords.

Photo-credit: Ged Carroll

Site setup

Decided to be cutting edge. Installed WP 3.7 (through the beta testing plugin), MP6 for the admin panel, and using twentythirteen as the theme.

So far so good. Nothing broken.