Today I:


  • drove to the airport at 5:30 am
  • removed some unused software on my system
  • ran the boot repair for Windows when the PC complained about some of the changes I made
  • fixed a Gmail error by deleting a cookie
  • started working on migrating a new client over to our systems. Looking forward to working with them
  • accessed the Jetpack development site, read the docs, and installed the beta plugin on this blog
  • completed all tasks for today
  • upgraded 86 plugins and themes for customers
  • kept my 11-year-old busy
    • made lunch
    • fixed the computer he was trying to play on
    • drove him to his activities
  • researched and fixed my sticky mouse problem
    • learned something new about msconfig
  • took another advanced PPC course, just because
  • monitored FB and G+
  • answered email
  • wrote this blog

So why don’t I feel productive?

Now that I reread this I also notice that I’ve had a lot of PC problems today. Starting to thing about wiping the OS/software drive clean and re-installing. What do you think?

Photo credit: Daniela Vladimirova

Hump Day, not.


The theme Twenty Thirteen has multiple post types built into it. Over the next while I will try out the different types to see how they work.

  • Standard (this one)
  • Aside
  • Audio
  • Chat
  • Gallery
  • Image
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Status
  • Video

Photo credit: Paul Carroll

OMG — I missed 3 days!

BenchOops. Busy with life and work, missed three days of blogging. Very bad.

Meanwhile, I was accepted on the Jetpack beta testing team. Very excited about that. More on my beta testing experience later.

Today was my son’s orientation for the 6th grade and he loves his new school.

Photo credit: Liz West

Thank God It’s Friday

TGIF? Not really. Since I work for my own agency I don’t really get weekends off, but I do get to look forward to special events. For example my son (11 yrs old) will compete in his 4th Triathlon this week. I’m amazed!

Photo credit: Massimo Paolini

Upgrading clients to Genesis 2.0

Genesis 2.0 was just released and I’m upgrading all of our client sites using the framework. Of course the first site I upgraded was ours, just to test it,  and the home page slider formatting broke.  After a few minutes to confirm this was happening across the board, I fixed it.

However, to make sure there is a restore point for the other ~40 sites, I’m updating the development sites first. Then, when all tests out, I’ll upgrade the live site.

In case you’re interested here are the steps:

  1. Live server
    1. Backup db
    2. Backup genesis 
    3. Backup child theme
    4. Backup uploads to last backup
  2. Dev server
    1. Upload genesis
    2. Upload child theme
    3. Upload image files
    4. Upload db
    5. Upgrade to Genesis 2.0
    6. Test site
  3. Live server
    1. upgrade Genesis 2
    2. Test site
    3. Fix anything that breaks

Photo credit: Markus

Disney pins

Marketing wise this is a fantastic idea. Get people to buy pins while they’re visiting your parks, then create a collector culture and watch them buy pins that cost them $0.05 for $40! Can you say Profits.

Photo credit: Ben Ostrowsky

Image galleries

I’ve decided to use native WordPress tools whenever possible for this site. So when I needed a gallery plugin for my photography I turned to Jetpack and the gallery functionality it adds to WP.

Next I’ll need to figure out how to either break the page into section/categories and/or how to add posts of a certain category to the page. This can be accomplished very easily with a theme like Genesis, but since I want to use Twenty Thirteen, it’s not as evident yet.

Image credit: Simple & Obvious